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The following information is supplied solely by the providers. It is the responsibility of the person seeking a spiritual director to assess the qualifications of the directors, to which they are considering. The Canadian Fellowship of Christian Spiritual Directors (CFCSD) do not accredit or credential spiritual directors.


Name: Cecilia Skerrit

Location: Coldstream




Name: Robert Osborne, Rev.

Location: Calgary


Name: Candice Cohlmia-Unger

Location: Calgary


Name: Nora James

Location: Edmonton


Name: Denise Laverdure-Sych

Location: Grand Praire


Name: Angelissa Untalan

Location: Edmonton



Name: Mary Reimer

Location: Winnipeg


Name: Jan Woltman

Location: Winnipeg


Name: Daile Unruh-Peters

Location: Winnipeg


Name: Kym Lukin

Location: Winnipeg


Name: Karla Warkentin

Location: Morden



Name: Lyndsay McGregor

Location: Hanover


Name: Bruce Tallman

Location: London


Name: Jan Evans

Location: London


Name: Carol Vanravenstein

Location: Mississauga


Name: Genevieve Gareau-Mossé

Location: Crystal Beach, Niagara Region


Name: Cathy McMulkin

Location: St. Catharines, Niagara Region


Name: Grace Calford

Location: St. Catharines, Niagara Region


Name: Pauline Gagne

Location: Ottawa


Name: Robynn Bliss

Location: Port Colborne, Niagara Region


Name: Suzan Ho

Location: Scarboro, GTA



Name: Cheryl Ann Beals

Location: Halifax